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Third Eye Chakra

Craig Jones

June 26, 2022

What Exactly Is the Third Eye Chakra?

If you've ever had a sensation of déjà vu or a gut feeling that turned out to be right, you've undoubtedly experienced your Third Eye Chakra's extraordinary power.

The Third Eye Chakra, which is located immediately above and between your two eyes, is known as Ajna in Ayurvedic philosophy. The Third Eye Chakra, commonly known as the sixth chakra in the body, is linked to the pineal gland.

Spiritually, the Third Eye is frequently connected with clairvoyance, religious or spiritual visions, precognition, the capacity to observe auras, out-of-body experiences, and astral projection.

There are various measures you may take to try to activate your Third Eye Chakra if you are interested in tapping into it.


Simple breathing exercises, like those outlined in this Grounding Tips for Couples post and this elemental balancing ceremony, are an excellent place to begin learning how to ground yourself.


According to Candice Covington, author of "Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice: Working with the Chakras, Divine Archetypes, and the Five Great Elements," certain foods contain qualities that can benefit. Raw cacao, garlic, watermelon, honey, ginseng, star anise, lemon, and cilantro are among them.


Because fragrance is such a strong tool for transporting us to another time and place, it seems reasonable to include essential oils on this list. Jasmine, lemongrass, sandalwood, frankincense, and clary sage are all scents that can be utilised alone or in various combinations. Apply a few dabs on your pulse points, particularly when practising grounding exercises. These smells and oils can be applied to the temples, Third Eye, inner wrists, and inner elbows.

Amethyst, labradorite, selenite, rhodonite, sodalite, moldavite, moonstone, apatite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, and jeremejevite are all great "seeing" crystals.

Chanting and meditation

Meditation has the potential to stimulate the pineal gland. "Chanting causes the tetrahedron bone in the nose to vibrate, causing pineal gland activation," Covington asserts. Mantras can also help by instilling sentiments of genuine appreciation and thankfulness.

God's Intelligence

Divination goddesses can assist in activating and stimulating the Third Eye. Diana, Hecate, Pythia, Delepitore, and Circe are all fantastic choices for collaborating with Divine Intelligence. Diana, the Roman moon goddess, is associated with intuition and witchcraft. Hecate is the Greek goddess of the in-between, the space between life and death, as well as the protector of crossroads. Pythia was the Oracle of Delphi and an Apollo High Priestess. People would go long distances to hear the prophesies she channelled from the gods. Delepitore is the patroness of divination, intuition, and witchcraft in the Dukante. Finally, Circe was a sorceress in Greek mythology who could turn her adversaries into animals by using plants and potions.

Sound Listening to Third-Eye-Opening Music or working with Third-Eye-Opening Sound Bowls may be beneficial. These approaches can be used as stand-alone exercises or as supplements to your regular meditation practice.

Observing the Sun

The sun is a fantastic source of energy. Spend time outside in the morning and evening. Enjoy watching the dawn or sunset. These methods can help your Third Eye.

Dreaming in Color

This happens when you're dreaming in REM sleep yet are fully alert and aware of it. You may use your Third Eye to enlarge what you view in your dream world when lucid dreaming.


Yoga is a strong and efficient method for opening your Third Eye. After all, yoga and chakra theory derive from ancient India's Vedas.


You can't expect to see results if you don't stick to your routine. Every day, you should do something that stimulates the pineal gland/Third Eye.

Why Should You Activate Your Third Eye Chakra?

Activating your Third Eye Chakra has various advantages. You will notice that you are under less stress, which will benefit your physical health. You could feel better about yourself and your life. You may also feel more knowledgeable as a result of your increased faith in your intuition.

Many people believe that having an open Third Eye, often known as the sixth sense, can improve perceptive, intuitive, and spiritual powers. Dedicate 10 minutes every day to your opening practise, and you will soon discover the benefits of seeing with the Third Eye.

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